Lewtan Technologies
When Lewtan was founded in 1986 few technology solutions existed to support the securitization industry. The firm’s founder Stuart Lewtan started developing customized and off-the-shelf software solutions for companies involved in securitization and structured finance activities.
These pioneering efforts would lead to the development of the firm’s first product, the creation of a securitization-servicing platform designed specifically to handle the asset and liability nuances only months after the first ABS securitization took place in the U.S.
The securitization industry has changed a great deal since then, but Lewtan’s mission of providing full service securitization solutions and being the premier technology provider remain unchanged.


From inception, Lewtan’s mission was to provide solutions to both investors and issuers in the securitization industry. With a deep expertise in these types of transactions, as well as knowledge of software development, Lewtan entered the market with a product called ABS System. This early product, which is still core to Lewtan’s product portfolio, automated the administration and reporting needs of a securitization transaction. It is a customized solution that integrates pool selection, loan and trust accounting, reconciliation, bond administration, and analytics.
Automation of processes such as calculations, reporting, accounting, and reconciliation proved invaluable as the ...

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