Security Electronics Circuits Manual

Book description

Security Electronics Circuits Manual is an invaluable guide for engineers and technicians in the security industry. It will also prove to be a useful guide for students and experimenters, as well as providing experienced amateurs and DIY enthusiasts with numerous ideas to protect their homes, businesses and properties.

As with all Ray Marston's Circuits Manuals, the style is easy-to-read and non-mathematical, with the emphasis firmly on practical applications, circuits and design ideas. The ICs and other devices used in the practical circuits are modestly priced and readily available types, with universally recognised type numbers. This title replaces the popular 'Electronic Alarm Circuits Manual'.

Ray Marston has proved, through hundreds of circuits articles and books, that he is one of the leading circuit designers and writers in the world. He has written extensively for Popular Electronics, Electronics Now, Electronics and Beyond, Electronics World, Electronics Today International, Nuts and Bolts, and Electronics Australia, amongst others.

· Easy to read guide to Circuits.
· Practical approach to applications, circuits and design ideas.
· From a well-known author in the electronics field.

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Dedication
  5. Copyright
  6. Preface
  7. Chapter 1: Security system basics
    1. Electronic security system basics
    2. Security system reliability
    3. Security system elements
  8. Chapter 2: Contact-operated security circuits
    1. Bell and relay-output circuits
    2. Siren-sound security circuits
    3. Self-latching siren-sound generator circuits
    4. Multitone alarms
  9. Chapter 3: Optoelectronic security circuits
    1. ‘Visible-light-level’ circuits
    2. Light-beam alarm circuits
    3. PIR movement-detecting systems
  10. Chapter 4: Anti-burglary security circuits
    1. Anti-burglary basics
    2. Burglar alarm basics
    3. Practical burglar alarm circuits
  11. Chapter 5: Temperature-sensitive security circuits
    1. Thermostat fire-alarm circuits
    2. Over-temperature security circuits
    3. Under-temperature security circuits
    4. Miscellaneous temperature switches
    5. Precision temperature sensor ICs
  12. Chapter 6: Instrumentation security circuits
    1. DC voltage-activated circuits
    2. AC voltage-activated circuits
    3. Current-activated circuits
    4. Resistance-activated circuits
    5. A led ‘flasher’ output circuit
  13. Chapter 7: Automobile security circuits
    1. Vehicle anti-theft principles
    2. Practical immobilizer circuits
    3. Anti-theft alarm circuits
    4. Installing anti-theft alarms
    5. Ice-hazard alarms
    6. Low-fuel-level/engine-overheat alarms
    7. Lights-are-on alarms
    8. A headlight time-delay switch
    9. A rear-screen heater timer
  14. Chapter 8: Miscellaneous security circuits
    1. Liquid- and steam-activated circuits
    2. A gas-activated alarm circuit
    3. A sound-activated switch circuit
    4. Power-failure alarm circuits
    5. A proximity-activated ‘alarm’ circuit
    6. Touch-activated circuits
    7. An ultrasonic ‘beam’ alarm unit
    8. Eavesdropping circuits
    9. Basic CCTV applications
  15. Index

Product information

  • Title: Security Electronics Circuits Manual
  • Author(s): R MARSTON
  • Release date: July 1998
  • Publisher(s): Newnes
  • ISBN: 9780080938547