Chapter 16. Tracking Current Security Threats

Knowledge is an exceptionally powerful tool in the right hands. In order to stay on top of the security issues that could affect your application, you need to track the current security threats. However, if you pay any attention at all to the news media, you know that trying to track every potential security threat could become a full-time job. If you add in the stories from the trade press as well, then you really do have a full-time job and possibly a task that would require a team to manage the information flow. Clearly, you need some method of discerning which threats really do require your attention, or you could end up spending too much time tracking information and not enough time actually avoiding the threats.

Once you decide that the security threat is real, you need to decide what sort of action to take. Remember from Chapter 15 that the only report you really need is the one that provides for some type of action. You can say the same thing about security threat reports. The security threat discussion you need to investigate fully is the one that requires some sort of action on your part. Everything else is excess information that wastes your time. Of course, you need to decide between an update or an upgrade of your application when the situation requires. The point is that you need to be thinking about how to react to security threats and then take the required actions when necessary (or simply put the report in the circular ...

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