Chapter 1. The World of Cyber Security in 2019

"The semantic Web – what is called Web 3.0[9]is commonplace in 2019. The start of the Internet and the World Wide Web is the stuff of legacy and lore. Amid the concerns of ICT security is another dimension – the clash of virtual realities such as between the Second Life® virtual world and the physical lives. Decisions in the virtual world drive material reactions in the real world – as they are now one world with no safeguards in place."

Executive Summary

It is 2019 AD or 28 AW (after the Web), counting in years after the introduction of the World Wide Web.[10] Contrary to some predictions, ICT systems continue to be one of the primary agents of change in our lifetimes and in the history of humankind. The pace of change has been nothing short of spectacular. There have been many winners and losers as the exponential growth of technology gives rise to new and wider social divisions. This change ripples through societies, cultures and nations with unintended consequences that are too numerous to count.

In hindsight, one can see where things went right and where they have gone terribly wrong. Protecting ICT systems has been one of the great challenges. With 12 years of history, Web 2.0 continues to serve, transform and interconnect the world's cultures. Nothing is left untouched by the Web 2.0 generation as worlds that were once physically and logically separate are now inextricably linked. Generation Y and Generation Z (also known as ...

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