Staff Training and Development
1. In order to properly protect your company from a charge of negligent training, it will
be necessary to
the before they are allowed to instruct.
2. There are three training domains. They are
, and
3. training consists of theory and knowledge portions of the training.
4. training consists of the hands-on type of training.
training consists of work values.
6. Training is a tool that can be used to avoid or mitigate legal problems brought on by
the security officers. T F
7. One of the greatest mistakes made in the training of security personnel is failing to train
the trainer.
8. “Adequate training” as defined by law, consists solely of showing security officers 6
hours of private security videotapes and having the officers fill out a 10-question test
after each video. T F
9. Police officers who have never taken private security training and have never worked
in private security are good choices to teach private security by virtue of their police
training and years of police experience.
10. Trained security officers should be able to observe, report, and take limited action, in
that order. T F

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