Chapter Summary

We started this chapter by focusing on the physical protection of the facility and its resources. The methods discussed are summarized in Table 7.2.


  • Business continuity plan

  • Cipher lock

  • Code escrow

  • Cold site

  • Disaster recovery plan (DRP)

  • Dry-pipe fire suppression

  • Electromagnetic emanations (EME)

  • Environment

  • Faraday cage

  • Hot site

  • Mantrap

  • Moat

  • No-man's land

  • Plenum

  • Service level agreement (SLA)


  • Warm site

  • Wet-pipe fire suppression

Table 7.2. Physical Barriers
No-man's landA wide expanse of clear, flat land that allows for easy view of anyone approaching the facility.
FencesFences can be made of a wide variety of materials, but they're all meant to do one thing: stop unwanted entry through nondesignated areas.
Water/Moat ...

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