Chapter 29. Beyond Burnout

Content warning: This chapter discusses mental disorders and their impact on life and work. Topics covered include medication and the medical system, coercive treatment, slurs, crisis, and laws and the legal system.

Please note that I am not a mental healthcare professional, nor am I a lawyer or an expert in employment law. This chapter reflects my own analysis and opinions based on my own extensive research and experience. My goal is to inspire thought, dialog, and appropriate action. You need to assess whether the strategies and suggestions in this article fit your situation. Depending on where you are doing business, and the nature of your work, some of the strategies and suggestions described in this article might not comply with the laws that apply to you. If you are interested in implementing any of these suggestions or strategies, in addition to making sure that they are right for your organization, you should consult a diversity and inclusion professional with sufficient expertise to ensure that your inclusivity initiatives comply with applicable law.


Decades of research have highlighted many ways in which our jobs, as well as the broader system of capitalism, make us all sicker. There are well-documented physical impacts from sedentary workplaces, open office plans, and even artificial lighting. Psychologists agree that these unnatural working conditions also directly harm our mental health, as do the psychological ...

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