Self-Confidence, 10th Edition

Book description

The special Tenth Anniversary Edition of the classic, bestselling guide to increasing self-confidence and boosting personal and professional success 

Confidence is profoundly important to virtually every aspect of our lives – it’s the main ingredient for handling anything thrown at us. Whether in our school or business careers, personal relationships or the way in which we present ourselves to the world, confidence is often the deciding factor between success or failure. But how does one increase self-confidence? Sunday Times best sellingAuthor Paul McGee has helped thousands of people answer this very question with his bestselling book Self-Confidence. Blending Paul’s humour and wit with expert insights and practical advice, this beloved resource remains the essential guide to increasing self-confidence and boosting success. Paul shows you how increasing your confidence by even a small amount can lead to dramatic positive changes in your life.

Celebrating its tenth year in publication, this new Anniversary Edition has been extensively updated to addresses current “hot topics” and trends for improving confidence and driving personal and professional success. Paul offers new guidance on strengthening resilience, promoting well-being, enhancing mental health and much more. Along the way, Paul shares honest and very personal stories from his own life to highlight important lessons and reinforce your confidence-building process. This must-have guide will help you:

  • Understand how making small changes will yield enormous results
  • Manage self-doubt and overcome anxiety
  • Discover who or what crushed your confidence and meet them head-on
  • Refuse to let setbacks sap your confidence by turning them into motivation to forge ahead
  • Step away from your comfort zone and achieve what you always wanted, but lacked the confidence to pursue

The special edition of Self-Confidence provides everything you need to start on the path to increased confidence, resilience and success. You will be astonished by what you can accomplish when you have the confidence to try. 

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Preface
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
  5. SECTION ONE The Stuff You Need to Know
    1. 1 Why Self-Confidence Is the X-Factor for Life
      1. What's the Big Deal about Confidence?
      2. You Don't Have to Be Ill
      3. Self-Confidence Is the Key
      4. Self-Confidence – What it will and won't lead to
      5. How Confidence Can Help You Make the Most of Life
      6. It's Time for Some Honesty
    2. 2 Taking the “Con” Out of Confidence
      1. Five Myths around Developing Self-Confidence
      2. Myth Number One: Once You Have Confidence You Can Master Anything
      3. Myth Number Two: Some People Are Just Born Confident
      4. Myth Number Three: Humility Is the Opposite of Confidence
      5. Myth Number Four: There Can Be No Room for Self-Doubt
      6. Myth Number Five: Alcohol Gives You Confidence
      7. So Far
    3. 3 Who Shaped Your Confidence? Your Upbringing
      1. How Beliefs Affect Your Confidence
      2. Who Influences Your Beliefs about Yourself?
      3. How Your Upbringing Influences Your Beliefs and Your Self-Confidence
      4. Were Your Parents Awfulizers?
      5. What Motivates an Awfulizer?
      6. What to Do If You Were Brought up by an Awfulizer
      7. What to Do If You're an Awfulizer
      8. Criticism, Acceptance, and Self-Confidence
    4. 4 Who Shaped Your Confidence? Other Influences
      1. How Your Schooldays Affect Your Confidence
      2. How the Media Can Influence Your Self-Confidence
      3. How You Can Undermine Your Own Confidence
  6. SECTION TWO The Stuff that Will Really Help
    1. 5 You'll Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends
      1. Desperately Dependent?
      2. Where Does Your Support Come From?
      3. The Cheerleader
      4. The Challenger
      5. The Coach
      6. The Confidant
      7. The Beatles Were Right
      8. Different Roles for Different Folks
      9. Widening Your Circle of Friends
    2. 6 How to Be Your Own Best Mate
      1. Seven 10% Tips to Avoid Sabotaging Your Confidence
    3. 7 How to Shine When Your Neck's on the Line
      1. Has Your Comfort Zone Become a Prison?
      2. The Reason Bad News Spreads so Fast
      3. Why You're Stressed When You Need to Shine
      4. Don't Flee from Your Anxiety, Face Up to It
      5. How to Calm Down
      6. Petrified of Public Speaking?
      7. Six 10% Tips For Public Speaking
      8. Inspired at Interviews?
      9. Two 10% Tips For Job Interviews
      10. A Date with Destiny?
      11. Five 10% Tips For Dating
    4. 8 Here's How to Ramp Up Your Resilience
      1. Setbacks Happen
      2. Your 10% Tips on How to Ramp Up Your Resilience and Rebuild Your Confidence
    5. 9 How to Handle Conflict Confidently
      1. The Consequences of Conflict Handled Badly
      2. The Way of the Avoider
      3. The Way of the Aggressor
      4. How to Become More Confident and Assertive in Conflict Situations
    6. 10 Have You Got the Confidence to go M.A.D.?
      1. The Confidence to Go M.A.D.?
      2. Contribution Creates Confidence
      3. Over to You
      4. A Dreamer or a Doer?
    7. 11 A Little Extra to Take You Further
      1. Seven Ways to Make the Most From Your Life
  7. How It Worked for Me
  8. Other Books by Paul McGee
  9. Want Paul to Speak for Your Organization?
  10. Index
  11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Self-Confidence, 10th Edition
  • Author(s): Paul McGee
  • Release date: February 2020
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857088352