If you’ve made it to this point of the book, well done! Statistics gathered by The Huffington Post suggest that, sadly, at least one quarter of those who are lucky and privileged enough to be literate haven’t in fact read a single book in the past year. Worse, many of us will fail to ever read a book again after graduating college. Of those rare few seekers of knowledge who do bother to pick up a book, another disturbingly large number can’t be bothered reading all the way through.

So, assuming you haven’t just skipped to the conclusion to see how it ends, well done and thank you.

It has always been our goal in writing this book that we might pass on some of what we have learned in a combined half century of studying the intricacies of human nature in a format that enables each of our readers to apply this information in a way that is impactful and relevant to them. As to whether we have succeeded, we will leave that to your judgement.

By now, you will have hopefully realised that this book is fundamentally a treatise on how we can all engage our intrinsic natures rather than fighting them — that we may structure our lives, our businesses, our educations and our communities accordingly, and use this understanding of what truly drives our behaviour to pursue our goals more effectively and efficiently.

Too often, we limit our true potential by trying to force fit ourselves, and those around us, into methodologies and processes that ...

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