Appendix | C

A Short Guide to Publicity and Sales at Conventions

By Ron Mackay

Conventions are good for more than binge drinking, hula-hooping, and leering at scantily clad women. If you play your cards right, you can get cost-effective publicity and you just might be able to sell a movie or two. To boost your sales at a convention, try to do as many of the following as (sub)humanly possible:

1.    Have your film screened and/or do a Q&A. If people are able to see your film, you will sell more DVDs. If your film doesn’t suck, you’ll sell even more!

2.    Have people associated with your film attend the convention. If you choose to have Lloyd Kaufman attend, make sure he doesn’t whine about missing his “Pattie-Pie” all day, and try to take his ...

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