Chapter 8. Integration implementation 221
8.3.3 WCToSSFSMediationModule mediation flow request
For the WCToSSFSMediationModule mediation flow request, click the Request
tab to view the ProcessOrder request flow shown in Figure 8-11.
Figure 8-11 WCToSSFSMediationModule mediation flow request
The WCToSSFSMediationModule ProcessOrder request flow comprises
fundamental building blocks called primitives. Every request and response for
every mediation requirement has a similar work flow as ProcessOrder, changed
only by the requirements. Each is uniquely identified by a message type so that
the module can correctly channel the desired message through the matching
flow, as explained below.
8.3.4 WCToSSFSMediationModule mediation flow request primitives
The ProcessOrder mediation flow primitives that warrant description are
detailed here:
򐂰 ProcessOrderTrace traces the metadata and message in xml format to the
local server log (WebSphere Application Server SystemOut.log)
(Figure 8-12).
Figure 8-12 ProcessOrderTrace
222 Selling and Fulfillment Solutions Using WebSphere Commerce and IBM Sterling Order
򐂰 CorrelationIDSetter captures an ID used for JMS correlation and copies
/body/ProcessOrder/ApplicationArea/BODID/value to
/headers/JMSHeader/JMSCorrelationID (Figure 8-13).
Figure 8-13 CorrelationIDSetter
򐂰 ActionCodeFilter: As many message types are routed through this mediation
flow, we need a way to filter for the desired message type. This primitive
conditionally routes the message based on the message content, by
comparing the message against a list of predefined expressions. In this case
the value that will allow the rest of this flow to continue is TransferOrder. Per
this rule
@actionCode = 'TransferOrder' (Figure 8-14).
Figure 8-14 ActionCodeFilter
򐂰 ProcessOrderToCreateOrderInput: XSLT primitive that maps the message to
the desired format expected by the SSFS order system. This primitive
references a custom stylesheet captured in Appendix A, “Supporting content”
on page 233.

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