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Selling Boldly

Book Description


Fear is the reason most salespeople don’t like to pick up the phone (salespeople average just four hours per week on the phone, and our job is to talk to humans!).

Fear is the reason we don’t ask for the business more, even though our customers want to buy from us.

Fear is the reason we don’t offer our customers additional products and services, even though they would love to

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. About the Author
  4. PART I: Fear Is the Greatest Enemy of Sales … and Positive Psychology Is the Antidote
    1. 1 The Single Greatest Killer of Sales
      1. The Coffee Shop
      2. The Insulation Contractor
      3. Asking for a Referral
      4. Why Don't We Ask?
      5. The Reason Is the Greatest Single Problem in All of Sales
    2. 2 The Massive Cost of Fear in Sales
      1. Fear Is Automatic
      2. How to Leverage This with Your Customers
      3. What We Are Afraid Of
      4. It's Not Just the Fear—It's What We Imagine It Will Lead To
      5. What Fear Makes Us Do
      6. The Incredibly Important (and Easy) Work Fear Keeps Us from Doing
      7. How to Deal with Fear
      8. The Customers Are Afraid, Too
    3. 3 The Antidote to Fear: The New Science of Positive Psychology
      1. The Powerful Impact of Positive Psychology On Sales Growth
      2. You're Not Doing It Wrong!
    4. 4 The Selling Boldly System: Step 1—Get Your Mindset Right; Step 2—Behave Accordingly (Communicate Boldly)
      1. You Already Know What to Do
      2. We Know This Works
      3. There Are No Secrets
    5. 5 The Selling Boldly Toolkit: Planners and Downloads
      1. Guidelines for Using the Selling Boldly Sales Planners
      2. It Begins with This Mindset Planner
      3. Prepare and Use These Planners Every Two to Four Weeks
      4. Prepare and Use Your “The One‐Page Sales Planner” Weekly
  5. PART II: The 10 Critical Mindset Shifts for Dramatic Sales Growth
    1. 6 About These Critical Thinking Shifts
      1. These Mindsets Snowball, Building on Each Other
      2. You Have a Choice
      3. “The Selling Boldly Mindset Planner”
    2. 7 Proactive Selling versus Reactive Selling
      1. Default Brain versus Focused Brain
      2. Are You Hunting or Gathering?
      3. Busting Out of the Vicious, Reactive Selling Circle
      4. Reactive Selling versus Proactive Selling
      5. How to Become Proactive
    3. 8 Confidence versus Fear
      1. Where Confidence Comes From
    4. 9 Boldness versus Meekness
      1. What Bold People Do
      2. Meekness is Unfair to the Customer
      3. Remember, It's Your Choice
    5. 10 Optimism versus Pessimism
      1. Optimism Makes Money
      2. How to Be Optimistic
    6. 11 Gratitude versus Cynicism
      1. The Power of Gratitude
      2. We Can Choose to Be Grateful Right Now
      3. What Salespeople Can Be Grateful For
      4. We Get to Struggle Here
    7. 12 Perseverance versus Surrender
      1. The Power of Perseverance
      2. It's Not Our Job to Give Up
      3. Persevering in the Face of Adversity
      4. My Children's Trees
    8. 13 Value and Relationship versus Products and Services
      1. Focusing on Value versus Products and Services
      2. How Do You Know What Your Value Is?
    9. 14 Taking Constant Communication Action versus Overplanning and Underexecuting
      1. Doing Things versus Thinking About Doing Them
      2. We Need Action, Not Perfection
    10. 15 Making It Look Easy versus Laboring
      1. How to Make It Look Easy
    11. 16 Plan‐Driven versus Inquiry‐Driven
  6. PART III: How to Develop the Selling Boldly Mindset
    1. 17 Why Feedback from Happy Customers Is the Key to Developing the Selling Boldly Mindset
      1. Why Happy Customers Don't Call
      2. What Happens When We Talk Only to Unhappy Customers
      3. What Talking to Happy Customers Does to Us
      4. Just Ask, and They Will Tell You
    2. 18 How to Get Testimonials from Your Happy Customers
      1. The Purpose of These Conversations
      2. First, We Need the Happy Customers
      3. How to Conduct the Interviews
      4. The Single Most Important Question
      5. Other Questions to Ask During the Interview
      6. Quantify and Emotionalize
      7. Obtain Permission to Use These Comments
      8. A Note on Language
      9. Use Silence
    3. 19 Transcript of Actual Customer Interviews
      1. The Customer
      2. What Happened
      3. The Testimonials
    4. 20 How to Use Testimonials Internally to Change Your Mindset and Your Culture
      1. Who Should See These Testimonials?
      2. We Must Marinate in This Positivity
  7. PART IV: From Mindset to Technique: Powerful Sales Growth Actions
    1. 21 About These Communications
      1. They Are All Communications
      2. I Know You Know This
      3. Don't Overcomplicate It
      4. Use “Easy” Language
      5. Do You Have a Few Seconds?
      6. It Doesn't Take Money to Make Money
      7. What If My Day Is Totally Reactive?
      8. Repeatedly and Systematically
      9. It's Impossible to Overcommunicate
      10. Simple, But Not Easy
      11. Designed to Set You Apart
      12. Quick Wins
      13. Give Customers and Prospects a Backscratcher
    2. 22 Focus on What You Can Control
      1. Sports Are Like Sales
      2. Focus on What You Can Control in Sales Too
    3. 23 Silence Is Money
      1. Here's What I Mean by Silence
      2. Why We Are Not Silent
      3. How to Be Silent
    4. 24 Don't Forget about the Prospects
      1. Why Prospects Are Sales Growth Gold
    5. 25 Use the Phone Proactively
      1. Four Hours a Week
      2. Telephone Scenes
      3. Nobody Calls Anymore
      4. Why Don't We Call?
      5. All the Good That Happens When We Call
      6. You Don't Increase Phone Hours by Trying to Spend More Hours on the Phone
      7. Leave That Voicemail!
      8. Who to Call?
      9. What to Say
      10. Set the Calls Up If You Wish
      11. Your Objections to Making Calls and My Responses
    6. 26 Always Ask for the Business
    7. 27 Tell Your Customers What Else They Can Buy from You
      1. Customers Niche Us, and We Niche Them
      2. How to Tell Your Customers about What Else You Can Sell to Them
      3. How to Ask This Question
      4. A Whopping 20 Percent of DYKs Close
      5. Do YOU Know What You Can Sell to Your Customers?
      6. Planning Your DYKs
      7. Column 1: The DYK Complete List
      8. Columns 2 and 3: DYK If/Then
      9. Column 4: DYK Top 10
      10. How to Use This Planner
      11. More DYKs = More Sales
    8. 28 Let Your Customers Tell You What Else They Buy
      1. How to Plan These
    9. 29 Following Up Will Make You Rich
      1. So You've Sent a Quote or Proposal
      2. The System Is the Key
    10. 30 Sell with Your Testimonials: Show Your Prospects How Happy Your Customers Are
      1. What the Testimonials Should Look Like
      2. Active and Passive Testimonial Sharing
      3. Active Testimonial Sharing
      4. Don't Underestimate the Power of Aspiration That These Testimonials Create
      5. Your Objection and My Response
    11. 31 “What Percent of Your Business Do We Have?”
      1. Why Would the Customer Give You This Information?
    12. 32 People Love Giving Referrals—But We Hate Asking
      1. Why Customers Love to Give Referrals
      2. There Are Two Different Kinds of Referrals
      3. How to Ask for a Referral
      4. The Who, the How, and the When
      5. The Finer Points of Referral Asking
      6. Using the Selling Boldly “Referral Planner”
    13. 33 The Power of Handwritten Notes
      1. “You Would Have Lost Us if You Hadn't Sent This Note”
      2. Why Handwritten Notes Are So Effective
      3. Find a Routine for Your Notes
      4. Send Human Notes, Not Thank‐You Notes
    14. 34 The Post‐Delivery Call
    15. 35 Putting It All Together with the “The One‐Page Sales Planner”
      1. Start on the Planning Side
      2. Now Turn the Page to the Schedule Side
    16. 36 For Owners, CEOs, Executives, and Managers: This Is How to Implement Selling Boldly at Your Company
      1. Nobody Likes Change
      2. How to Implement Change with Customer‐Facing People Effectively
      3. The Two Greatest Differentiators between My Clients Who Grow the Most, and Those Who Grow the Least
    17. 37 Now, Go Help More People More
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Appendix: 100 Questions to Ask Your Customers and Prospects (and Yourself)
    1. Headline: 100 Revenue Growth Questions
    2. First, Some Questions to Ask Yourself
    3. Questions for Your Customers and Prospects
    4. To Increase Sales per Customer
    5. To Get Testimonials
    6. To Use Testimonials
    7. To Ask for Referrals
    8. To Ask for the Business
    9. To Follow Up on Quotes and Proposals
    10. To Check In Proactively by Phone
    11. To Follow Up after Delivery or Conclusion of Work
    12. And the Three Most Important Questions, from Me to You
  10. Index
  11. End User License Agreement