6About These Critical Thinking Shifts

The 10 mindset shifts laid out in this section have to do with how we view and approach our work.

Many of these 10 mindsets are core components of the approaches espoused by positive psychology. In this part of the book, we apply these concepts to the selling profession, and to you, the sales professional.

Each one will detail the ideal mindset, and its opposite, which is the one most of us struggle with.

The goal is to move toward the ideal position.

Good news! Even though I'm detailing 10 key thinking changes to sell more quickly, there is one way to attain all of these ideal mindsets: talk to your happy customers and listen to their glowing feedback. That simple action will lead you to shift to the ideal mindset in each of the examples listed in this section of the book. I'll dive deeply into how to develop this in Part III.

Which means making the shift is not complicated.

But it's incredibly valuable to your success, your company's growth, and the income you take home to your family.

These Mindsets Snowball, Building on Each Other

A fascinating thing about the mindsets in the table at the start of the chapter is that the positive ones build on one another and the negative ones do too. They spiral, or snowball, one onto the next.

For example, on the right side of the table: if you are fearful, you behave meekly and your work is reactive. You are pessimistic and increasingly cynical, and you have difficulty persevering, making you less ...

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