Chapter 1

Selling Makes the World Go Around

In This Chapter

arrow Defining selling

arrow Understanding common methods salespeople use to get their messages across

arrow Improving your life and your career by improving your selling skills

Selling is happening every time two human beings communicate. It’s everywhere around you. In fact, selling affects nearly every waking moment of your day. So in this chapter, I help you understand what exactly this thing called selling is, how it’s done, and how you can use selling skills to make your life and your career better.

Understanding What Selling Is

In the strictest sense of the word, selling is a process of communication in which one party imparts knowledge and information to the other party in order to win the first party over to the other’s ideas, concepts, products, or services. In the traditional sense of the word, selling is the process of moving goods and services from the hands of those who produce them into the hands of those who can benefit from their use.

Selling involves both educational and persuasive skills on the part of the person doing ...

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