Chapter 15

Using the Internet to Make More Sales

In This Chapter

arrow Enjoying the benefits of social media

arrow Prospecting, presenting, and staying in touch online

arrow Working effectively with social media

arrow Avoiding the trap of too much technology

Social media consists of a group of fantastic tools for you to use in preparing for and making sales. When used properly (with the help of the information in this chapter), it’s an excellent resource that allows you to take advantage of resources that may otherwise be beyond your means. With the resources available to you through social media, you can even grow your business when there are challenges in your industry or in the global marketplace.

Think about the time, effort, and financial means it would require for you to have access to the most up-to-date information on any potential client if it weren’t for the resources available through social media. I strongly suggest that you quickly adopt the social media tools as your best friends — second only to the pen, mouse, or touch screen with which your client approves the paperwork that closes the ...

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