Chapter 5

Knowing What You Can and Can’t Sell on Amazon


check Navigating Amazon’s product categories

check Recognizing which products are restricted and why

check Being extra careful to follow food safety rules

Prior to choosing products to sell on Amazon, familiarize yourself with the product types you can sell, what you’re prohibited from selling, and what you can sell by under certain conditions. Any products you offer for sale on Amazon must comply with all laws and regulations in the country where you’re selling and with all Amazon policies.

In this chapter, we bring you up to speed on Amazon’s two main product categories (open categories and those that require approval), call your attention to restricted products, and explain Amazon’s food and safety rules.

Warning Amazon strictly prohibits the sale of any illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products, including those available only by prescription.

Recognizing Products You Can Sell: Amazon’s Product Categories

Amazon organizes all products into dozens of categories and subcategories, some open to all sellers and others restricted ...

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