Chapter 22

Ten (Plus One) Tips to Find Best-Selling Products


check Specializing in and selling products you know and love

check Being unique to avoid stiff competition

check Checking out what your competitors are selling and how well they’re doing

check Improving your profit margins with higher priced products

check Picking products with low return rates and few or no legal issues

Amajor key to success as a seller on Amazon is product selection. You need to choose high-quality products that are in high demand and won’t get you into trouble with Amazon or legal authorities. Because Amazon has millions of products offered by hundreds of thousands of sellers, you must choose products that sell and sell big. In this chapter, we provide ten tips for choosing great-selling, profitable, worry-free products.

Recognize Key Product Selection Criteria

As you scour the market for product ideas, keep the following product selection criteria in mind:

  • Solid profit margin: Make sure you can sell a product ...

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