4 Fixed-Price Selling in an eBay Store

In the previous chapter we discussed how to convert traditional eBay auction listings to fixed-price listings. But as you also learned, eBay offers two other ways to sell items at a fixed price, via eBay Store listings and on eBay’s sister site, Half.com.

We’ll leave Half.com for Chapter 5, “Fixed-Price Selling on Half.com,” and focus in this chapter on opening and selling in an eBay Store. It’s quite easy—and very cost-effective.

What Is an eBay Store?

An eBay Store, like the one shown in Figure 4.1, is a web page where you can sell fixed-price inventory specific to the Store. You can list as few or as many items in your Store as you like; the Store also contains all your current auction and fixed-price ...

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