APPENDIX CFrequently Asked Questions

After working in this space for a decade, we find that many leaders have similar questions. Here are the questions we encounter most frequently.

Q: If we don't sell something exciting, do we still have a Noble Sales Purpose?

A: If customers are buying from you, they're getting some value. It may be a matter of connecting the dots to the impact of your solution. For example:

  • Air compressors for trains “keep people safe.”
  • IT services “Make businesses more successful.”
  • Financial services “Safeguard money and fuel prosperity.”

Or maybe the way you do business is changing their perceptions of an entire profession, like Supportworks, who are redefining their industry. If you're not sure, ask your customers why they keep buying from you.

Q: Should I even try to hand this book to my transactional boss?

A: Yes—drop it and run. Don't over‐explain. Simply say, “I think this can help us be more competitive,” and leave. Let the book work for you; it's written to help people self‐discover. As I often say, we don't know what's in people's hearts unless they tell us. You might be surprised. Some of the leaders people thought were the most transactional have wound up being the biggest champions of NSP.

Q: How long does it take to get results?

A: One day and 12 months. Here's what we've observed after implementing Noble Purpose with over 200 firms. When you announce your Noble Purpose, it creates new energy on Day 1. If you're a large organization, it typically ...

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