About the Cover Illustration

The figure on the cover of Sencha Touch in Action is captioned an “Inhabitant of Novigrad in the lowlands, Dalmatia.” Novigrad is a little historic fishing village situated on a narrow inlet of the Novigrad Sea on the Adriatic coast in the region of Dalmatia in what is now Croatia. This illustration is taken from a recent reprint of Balthasar Hacquet’s Images and Descriptions of Southwestern and Eastern Wenda, Illyrians, and Slavs published by the Ethnographic Museum in Split, Croatia, in 2008. Hacquet (1739–1815) was an Austrian physician and scientist who spent many years studying the botany, geology, and ethnography of many parts of the Austrian Empire, as well as the Veneto, the Julian Alps, and the western Balkans, ...

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