Beginning with V8.12, the per-operating-system compile-time macros were removed from the sendmail/conf.h file, and were moved into the include/sm/conf.h file. In addition to moving them, they were also all prefixed with the characters SM_.

These compile-time macros are most certainly defined correctly for your operating system. In the rare event you are porting sendmail to a new operating system, you might need to tune these on a selective basis:


On most systems, the size_t type is defined as an unsigned variable. When porting, if that is not the case on your system, define this compile-time macro:


The sendmail program uses printf(3) and scanf(3) with double-precision conversions, which will cause them to return improper results on some operating systems. When porting, if your operating system returns improper results, you can define this compile-time macro:


See libsm/t-float.c to discover how to detect if this is needed.


The sendmail program, and all its companion programs, use the getopt(3) routine to parse command-line arguments. When porting, if your compiler library lacks a getopt(3) routine, define this compile-time macro with a value of zero:


When porting, if your LDAP library includes the ldap_memfree(3) routine, you can define this ...

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