Virus Screening by Subject

Many messages that contain viruses, worms, or Trojan horses have distinctive subject lines, the text of which is usually reported in the news. When a new virus is discovered, it is often quicker to reject messages based on its reported subject line than it is to await the latest update of your favorite virus filter software. But this is only a temporary fix. Because legitimate email will often share the same subjects, it is best to only screen on the Subject: header between the time the virus is detected and announced, and the time your virus screening software is updated.

One way to screen by subject is to create a database of subject lines to reject, and then use that database in a subject-checking rule set. Consider the following text file which contains one subject per line. The subject is to the left, the word REJECT is to the right, and the two are separated by one or more tab characters:

I Love You       REJECT
Visit Home Now!  REJECT

If you were to call this file /etc/mail/spamsubjects, you could turn it into a database map with commands like this:

# cd /etc/mail
# makemap -t\tab hash spamsubjects < spamsubjects

The -t command-line switch tells makemap that the key and value pairs are separated by a tab instead of spaces or tabs. The backslash protects the tab from interpretation by your shell. We use that command-line switch because our keys can contain internal spaces.[126]

Once this database is in place, it will be easy to update its contents whenever a ...

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