image CHAPTER 9

Suggested Course Projects

The projects can start 3–4 weeks into the course—when the students are already familiar with the problem, notation, and terminology, and can read additional literature on their own. In this author's experience, the student would be required to write an email report once a week, outlying the work done on the project, issues to be tackled in the next period, and asking questions, if any. The work status would be also discussed in the regular meetings with the instructor. If the class is too big for that, other means of following the projects' progress are needed.

It may happen that in order to proceed with their project, some students may need the knowledge of material that would be discussed in class somewhat later. In such cases I would encourage the students to proceed with their reading of the corresponding material on their own, and would be ready to provide consultation as needed.

The topics of course projects listed here are given only as examples. Very often, students themselves try to come up with a topic that is closely related to their interests, their specialty, their thesis topic, or even another course that they are presently taking or have recently completed. With most students being already quite experienced in science and engineering, this author has chosen to make it known that such connections would be welcome; he has given students ...

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