Chapter 23

Ten-Plus Ways to Stay Updated

In This Chapter

arrow Staying updated with search engine technology

arrow Finding detailed information for particular projects

arrow Getting information directly from search engines

arrow Discovering what people are searching for

arrow Finding people to help you

The naysayers said it couldn’t be done, that a book about search engine optimization couldn’t be written because the technology is changing so quickly. That’s not entirely true — I wrote the first edition of this book eight years ago, and the basics are still the same: creating pages that search engines can read, picking good keywords, getting lots of links into your site, and so on.

But some details do change. Where are people searching these days? What tricks are search engines really clamping down on? Why did your site suddenly drop out of Google (as many thousands do now and then; see Chapter 21)?

You may also need more detailed information than I can provide in this book. Perhaps you have a problem with dynamic ...

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