Chapter 27

Ten-Plus Useful Things to Know


Bullet Finding tools to help you check your site rank and traffic

Bullet Analyzing your site’s traffic and phone calls

Bullet Finding sites that are stealing your content

Bullet Finding great web designs

Bullet Designing multiregional and multilingual sites

In this chapter, I describe a number of useful little things to know, from how to use 301 redirects, creating reputation-management campaigns, and using SEO tools to working with Copyscape to find out whether the writer creating content for your site is stealing it from other sites.

Checking Your Site Rank

How do you know how well your site ranks in the search engines? You can go to a search engine, type a keyword phrase, and see what happens. If you're not on the first page, check the second; if you're not there, check the third. Then go back and do it for 50 search terms on several search engines. It will take a while.

Another problem with manually checking position is that if you’re logged into a Google ...

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