Chapter 14. Content Considerations

One of the most basic obstacles that any site can face is lack of unique, compelling, quality content. Good content is planned, researched, copyedited, relevant, and long lasting. Good content is also current, unique, interesting, and memorable.

Producing lots of content does not guarantee the success of your website. Producing little or no new content is not the answer either. Striking the right balance between short- and long-term content will help make your site stand out from the crowd.

Content duplication is one of the most common SEO challenges. With the introduction of the canonical link element, webmasters now have another tool to combat content duplication.

Optimizing your sites for search engine verticals can help bring in additional traffic besides traffic originating from standard organic results. In this chapter, we will discuss all of these topics in detail.

Becoming a Resource

If you had to pick one thing that would make or break a site, it would almost always be content. This does not automatically mean that having the most content will get you the rankings or traffic you desire. Many factors play a role. The best sites produce all kinds of content. Website content can be classified into two broad areas: short-term content and long-term content. You should also be aware of the concept of predictive SEO.

Predictive SEO

Depending on your niche, you can anticipate future events in your keyword strategy. Some events occur only once per year, ...

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