Chapter 1

So You Want to Sell Securities: Introducing the Series 7 Exam


Bullet Introducing the Series 7

Bullet Taking a look at companion tests

Bullet Getting a sponsor and registering to take the exam

Bullet Uncovering topics tested on the Series 7

Bullet Mastering the computerized exam format

Congratulations on your interest in becoming a stockbroker! But before you can lose yourself in the energy of the office, the eager voices of your clients, and the warm glow of success, you have to face the Series 7. In this chapter, I give you an overview of the Series 7 exam, including its purpose, structure, format, scoring, and some helpful tips to guide you through the registration procedure. By this point, you've probably already taken the co-requisite Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam, so you should be somewhat familiar with the effort taken to pass a securities exam.

What Is the Series 7 Exam, Anyway?

The Series 7 exam (Series 7 top-off exam) qualifies you to hold the title General Securities Registered ...

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