Chapter 2

Preparing for the Series 7 Exam


Bullet Investing in a prep course versus studying on your own

Bullet Finding time to study and using study strategies

Bullet Staying focused and building test-taking skills

Bullet Evaluating your readiness

When you’re preparing for the Series 7 exam, a good cup of java and an all-nighter just aren’t gonna cut it. Neither will a frantic two-week study session like the ones that used to work miracles when you were taking college finals. The Series 7 is not to be taken lightly, so you need to train for it both mentally and physically.

In this chapter, I discuss your options for studying to take the Series 7 exam. If you plan to enroll in a Series 7 exam prep course, I cover what to look for when selecting a course. I also help you organize your study time efficiently and effectively — even when your preparation time is limited.

Courses and Training Materials: Determining the Best Way to Study

When deciding how to go about studying for the Series 7 exam, your first mission is to identify the training mode that best suits your needs. If you’re likely to benefit ...

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