Chapter 3

Examining and Mastering Question Types


Bullet Exploring the composition of Series 7 exam questions

Bullet Analyzing the purpose and intent of a question

Bullet Identifying the correct answer

Bullet Mastering the process of elimination

Yes, I know, I know: “Why can’t they just ask regular questions?” This problem has perplexed Series 7 test takers throughout the ages (all right, maybe not, but it does bug me). The test designers have riddled the old pick-the-best-answer questions with all kinds of pitfalls. The people in charge want you to choose combinations of correct answers and pick out exceptions; they expect you to pull numbers from balance sheets and apply complex formulas; and, as if you don’t have enough to worry about, they even give you extraneous information to try to trip you up. Sheesh!

In this chapter, I introduce you to the types of questions to expect on the Series 7 exam, and I show you how to analyze the facts in the questions and identify what the examiners are really testing you on. I also show you how to use the process of elimination to find the right answer and, ...

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