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Server-Side Swift

Video Description

Developers looking to write their way out of the Apple ecosystem now have a language for breaking away: Swift. With the help of IBM’s web framework Kitura, Swift gives those struggling with Node.js or schooled in client-side iOS development a new avenue for building a versatile backend for an application.

  • Learn the basics of Swift language and programming
  • Get comfortable with server-side Swift and set up a project using Kitura
  • Create routes for the API and connect them to a data model
  • Explore the environment and tools developed to support Swift and Kitura
  • Use the Swift package manager to download and manage libraries

Tim Nugent, PhD, is a mobile app and game designer and developer who has co-authored five O’Reilly titles, including Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, Learning Swift, and The Kerbal Players Guide. He blogs at Lonely.Coffee.