Creating the MVC view

Finally, we will create the MVC View to present the table with the text score results in the web UI by performing the following steps:

  1. To add the folder named Documents (corresponding to the controller named Documents), right-click on Views and navigate to New Folder… ->Documents.
  2. To add the Index view, right-click on Documents folder and navigate to Add -> New Item -> MVC View Page -> Index.cshtml.
  3. Modify the code to look like the following:
        @model IEnumerable<TextScoreDashboard.Models.DocumentTextScore>        @{            ViewBag.Title = "Document Scores";         }        <h2>Document Scores</h2>        <div class="main-content">            <table class="table">                <tr>                    <th>Document Name</th>                    <th>Date</th>                    <th>Score</th>               </tr>                @foreach (var item in Model)                { <tr> ...

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