Appendix A. PostNL’s Serverless Journey

PostNL is the largest logistics supplier in the Benelux. In 2022 we delivered an average of 7.4 million letters and 1.1 million parcels per day. To achieve this logistical feat, PostNL employs more than 35,000 people, making it one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.

PostNL is also one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. Our roots trace back to 1799, giving us well over 220 years of experience in logistics. Throughout its rich history, PostNL has been very comfortable in adapting to change. We’ve led transitions from horses to cars, from physical post offices to the internet, from letters to parcels, and from state-owned to a publicly listed enterprise.

In 2012, PostNL was one of the first major European enterprises to commit to a 100% cloud strategy, knowing that managing physical servers was not our core competence and should not be our focus. In 2017 we closed our last data center and began running all our solutions in the public cloud.

In 2019, PostNL took this evolution to its next logical step: we decided that to stay competitive, we had to design and build our own logistical software. We researched which technologies best fit a modern logistics technology company, and our strong partnership and history with AWS naturally led us to AWS cloud-native services—with a pronounced emphasis on serverless.

PostNL belongs to a ...

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