Chapter 2. Enterprise Readiness for Serverless

I do not believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.

Nelson Jackson

When a renowned coach takes charge at a sports club, they bring their team of assistants and support staff—mainly due to the comfort of working with a known team and their mutual understanding—and the club prepares to adapt to the changes needed to make the transition successful. A similar phenomenon can be observed with new technology adoption in an organization. New technologies bring changes, sometimes minor and at other times considerable. Adopting modern technologies such as the cloud and serverless can require significant changes to teams, tools, processes, and even people’s thinking.

Before hiring a new coach, the club usually conducts an extensive assessment process to evaluate their past achievements, understand their attitudes and what they will bring to the club, and ensure the club’s future vision aligns with the coach’s. It’s a lengthy exercise, but a crucial one. When an organization plans to adopt serverless, it should be prepared to undergo a similar process to map out the organization’s business ambitions with the capabilities of serverless. A readiness evaluation is thus critical to identify the best strategy before starting on the serverless journey.

This chapter begins by walking you through how to create a serverless mindset and assessing your migration needs. We’ll go through some common migration patterns ...

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