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Serverless Fundamentals for Microservices: An Introduction to Core Concepts and Best Practices

Video Description

Serverless technology offers an attractive proposition: it frees us from much of the administration work we've worried about in the past, giving us more time to focus on building great software. But there's a lot of hype around the technology too. In this video series, microservices expert Sam Newman explains what serverless is, dives into the details of the features it provides, highlights its challenges, and shares his insights on how to get the best out of it. You'll come away with a concrete understanding of how to use serverless technology to implement microservice architecture and how to best integrate serverless into your existing applications.

  • Understand what serverless means, the concepts that make it valuable, and its use cases
  • Discover the different types of serverless products and how they're used
  • Learn about function as a service, backend as a service, and messaging and storage platforms
  • Explore challenges that come with BAAS and FAAS (e.g., vendor lock-in, performance, and security)
  • See how concepts from microservices map onto a serverless world

After spending time at multiple startups and 12 years at ThoughtWorks, Sam Newman is now an independent consultant. Specializing in microservices, cloud, and continuous delivery, Sam helps clients around the world deliver software faster and more reliably. An in-demand speaker at O'Reilly Media's Software Architecture and Security conferences, Sam is the author of multiple O'Reilly Media titles, including Building Microservices and Microservices at Scale.