Chapter 19. Manufacturing

In This Chapter

  • Elbit Systems of America

  • Cisco

  • Varian Medical Systems

In this chapter we look at the service management challenges of three companies — Elbit Systems of America, Cisco, and Varian Medical Systems — that manufacture highly complex and technologically advanced products and systems. These three very different companies have similar needs for servicing customers (internal and external) with the high level of attention that very technical products demand. All operate in industries such as health care and defense, which are highly regulated and secured.

What does this mean in terms of a service management strategy? All three companies invest substantial resources in research and development. Think of all the engineers and scientists working in technical environments that require the support of a complex technology infrastructure! In addition, globally based sales teams and technical consultants numbering in the thousands need consistent access to information about products, customers, and partners.

Securing facilities and data is a requirement for these manufacturing companies. They need to ensure compliance with the security demands of government and military customers and with industry regulations such as the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Elbit Systems of America makes and supports many products used by the U.S. military to advance the security of the United States. Consultants do a lot of work at secure client sites, ...

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