Have you ever wondered why business books and periodicals rarely talk about technology? Business books do go so far as to credit technology with helping to make businesses work, and the business news covers technology companies, but never talks about the technology itself. Is it because publishers think that technology is just too, well, technical for a business audience? Or because they think that technology isn't a relevant or important topic for business discussions? Or, perish the thought, maybe these business publishers themselves don't discuss technology because they were the jocks back in high school, and technology has always seemed to be of interest only to the nerds.

In this book, Service Orient or Be Doomed! How Service Orientation Will Change Your Business, we take aim at all three of these positions and lay each of them finally to rest. First, we make the case that technology is vitally important to today's business. Dot-com bubble or not, every company those business periodicals cover uses technology throughout the organization.

Companies often think that business and technology are two different worlds, with different languages and priorities. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. We explain that technology is actually a business concept. It's not some other world, a black box full of strange people who speak a different language. On the contrary, technology is a business resource, just like any other resource a company might leverage to meet ...

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