Risk mitigation through governance is not rocket surgery. Some try to make it terribly complex, but it is really rather simple. The following ten tips provide a recipe for successful enterprise and SOA governance.

Tip 1: Avoid extremes. As with so many things, balance and moderation are key. We want to avoid governance at the extremes:

  • Too Heavy. Governance does not need to be a draconian enforcement of rules and regulations.

  • Too Light. Governance does not mean adding committees.

Governance should be lean, but sufficient and provide order in a business environment.

Tip 2: Involve business stakeholders. Traditionally, IT is viewed as a dark hole into which business shovels money ("Here is some money—please keep the servers running" or "Here is some more money—I need e-mail to appear on my phone"). Effective SOA governance involves business stakeholders alongside technology subject matter experts. IT is viewed as a strategic partner to enable business, not just a cost center. Business-focused governance ensures that the SOA initiative remains grounded and focused.

Tip 3: Develop SOA champions. In order to promote a common vision for SOA and a clear understanding of the governance plan, champions must be identified and empowered to educate and motivate the organization.

How do you identify good candidates for the role of SOA champion?

  • Energetic, persuasive change agents

  • Visionaries that understand the current environment and how to move the organization ...

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