Service Virtualization

Book description

Building modern distributed applications consisting of many independent, interconnected components puts a real stress on the software development lifecycle. Just ask anyone involved in software testing. To ensure the quality of this new generation of applications, test environments have to be available and ready to go at all times. The real challenge, however, is getting all of the application’s components and dependencies in place at once.

In this report, author and veteran tester Bas Dijkstra examines service virtualization, a technique for modeling "virtual assets" that emulate the behavior of unavailable or hard-to-access dependencies, rather than simulate entire systems. You’ll learn exactly what service virtualization is and how it compares to other simulation techniques, such as stubbing and mocking.

  • Understand the benefits and potential tradeoffs of applying service virtualization
  • Learn why developing and implementing virtual assets should be treated as software development
  • Examine the role of service virtualization plays in bi-modal IT and in the Continuous Delivery process
  • Explore how service virtualization works with Agile software development, the IoT, the API economy, and cloud platforms

Bas Dijkstra has ten years of experience as a test automation and service virtualization consultant, and has successfully designed and implemented test automation and service virtualization solutions for clients in a multitude of sectors. He’s also an experienced teacher, writer, and speaker on several topics related to both test automation and service virtualization.

Product information

  • Title: Service Virtualization
  • Author(s): Bas Dijkstra
  • Release date: January 2017
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491970720