Setting Up Google Apps Standard Edition

Book description

With Google Apps, you can have your own private network without buying server hardware, knowing how to set up servers, or worrying about maintenance. Google provides all of the expensive infrastructure, IT management, mail servers, chat system, administrative tools, etc., to create an extranet at no cost to you. Well, almost no cost; it does require that you have your own domain name for your web site.

This Short Cut explains how to acquire, configure and administer your own domain using Google Apps. It discusses configuration options that are both domain- wide and user specific. It also covers what you'll need to do to migrate an existing domain to Google Apps.

Table of contents

  1. What Can I Do with Google Apps?
    1. Your Personal Extranet, and More
      1. What Do Users Get?
      2. What Do You Get?
      3. Sometimes, Less Is Much, Much More
      4. So, What Can I Do with Google Apps?
        1. Running an Electrical Contracting Company
        2. Organizing a Marching Band Booster's Club
        3. Keeping a Family in Touch
      5. Enabling the Individual, Empowering the Organization
      6. Who's Got My Data?
      7. So What Doesn't Google Apps Have?
  2. Planning Your Google Apps Site
    1. First Step: Define What You Want to Do
      1. Domain
      2. Web Site
      3. Google Apps Mail
      4. Google Docs & Spreadsheets
      5. Training
  3. Setting Up Google Apps
    1. Getting Started
    2. Signing Up
    3. Existing and Alias Domains
      1. Verifying Ownership of an Existing Domain
        1. Moving Your Email
        2. Moving an Existing Domain
        3. Setting Up Alias Domains
  4. Dashboard
    1. The Dashboard Is Your Administrative Control Panel
      1. Setting Up Users
      2. More About the User Accounts page
      3. User Settings
      4. Working with Domain Settings
        1. General Tab
        2. Account Information Tab
        3. Domain Names Tab
  5. Administering Google Apps Mail
    1. Configuring Domain Options
      1. General Tab
      2. Email Addresses Tab
      3. Email Administration Tips
    2. Setting User Mail Account Options
      1. General Tab
      2. Accounts Tab
      3. Labels Tab
      4. Filters Tab
      5. Forwarding and POP Tab
      6. Chat Tab
      7. Web Clips Tab
      8. Subscribing to Email via RSS
  6. Configuring the Start Page
    1. What Is the Start Page?
    2. Start Page Planning
    3. Building a Start Page
      1. Layout Tab
      2. Colors Tab
      3. Header and Footer Tab
      4. Default Content Tab
      5. Content Directory Tab
      6. Publish Tab
  7. Setting Up Calendars
    1. Configuring Calendar at the Domain Level
    2. User-Level Settings
      1. General Tab
      2. Calendars Tab
      3. Notifications Tab
      4. Import Calendar Tab
  8. Google Apps Talk
    1. What Exactly Is Google Apps Chat?
      1. Domain Settings
      2. Google Talk Client Settings
      3. General
      4. Chat
      5. Blocked
      6. Notifications
      7. Connection
      8. Audio
      9. Appearance
    2. Configuring Third-Party Chat Clients
    3. Tying Into Other Google Services
  9. Docs & Spreadsheets
    1. Site Wide Settings
    2. User Settings
      1. General
      2. Documents
      3. Spreadsheets
    3. Administrative Tips
  10. Configuring Web Pages
    1. Background: Google Apps Web Pages
    2. Process
    3. Getting Started
    4. Page Creator
      1. Text Content
      2. Graphics
      3. More Fun with the Site Manager Page
      4. Building Your Pages Outside of Page Creator
      5. Linking in Calendars
      6. Getting Help and Advice

Product information

  • Title: Setting Up Google Apps Standard Edition
  • Author(s): William Lawrence
  • Release date: May 2007
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9780596514877