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Seven Steps to a Rewarding Transitional Career: Getting Work in a Tough Economy

Book Description

This tough job market has evolved from the current global financial sector melt down and the resulting economic restructuring, and is likely to continue for a number of years. To thrive in it, one must first recognize that on-going career transitions will be more prevalent. Having a solid understanding of what you have to offer and how and where to market your services will give you a decided advantage in the increasingly competitive race for work opportunities. Managing the transition process from one engagement to another becomes a significant effort in itself. A Transitional Career, as used in this book, refers to a work-life cycle incorporating a series of job engagements, which may be part-time or full-time, often separated by periods of non-paid activity. Job engagements may last for hours, days, weeks or months and may be consecutive or concurrent. Pursuing a Transitional Career requires a different perspective on searching for a job engagement than the more traditional approach of seeking a long term job commitment. Seeking new job engagements is a continuous effort. This workbook is written as a guide, taking the role of a personal coach to you, the reader.