Chapter 10. BRAD SOLOMON*: Even Accountants Can Get Rich: How to Hit $4 Million in Six Years

In 1998, at the age of 27, Brad Solomon risked the comfort of a salaried job and the regularity of a monthly $4,100 paycheck for the chance to run his own business. A year later, he was eking out a meager living and wondering if he hadn't made a terrible mistake. Five years after that, however, he was able to surprise his wife with an unexpected birthday present: the house by the beach she had admired when they were first married. Brad paid for most of that house in cash. It cost him $1.6 million.

This is Brad's tale—the story of how an average, working Joe developed a $4 million-plus net worth in less than seven years.

"My life changed when I met my wife," Brad said. "She was not only sexy, beautiful, and sweet, but also a great inspiration.

"I was on track to becoming a career accountant when we started dating. She knew I wasn't too thrilled with my job and convinced me I could do better. By telling me she believed in me, she boosted my confidence. She even introduced me to the man who became my mentor and helped me get started.

"He was a local businessman who was involved in several advertising and public-relations businesses. I went to work for a business he had that brokered copywriting," Brad said. "At first, I didn't even know what copywriting was.

"That business never took off for a variety of reasons, but he stuck with me while we tried several changes and eventually began a whole new ...

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