The main menu state

The main menu of any game out there is a major vein in terms of application flow, even though it's mostly overlooked. It's time we took a stab at building one, albeit a very simplistic version, starting as always with the header file:

class State_MainMenu : public BaseState{
    void MouseClick(EventDetails* l_details);
    sf::Text m_text;

    sf::Vector2f m_buttonSize;
    sf::Vector2f m_buttonPos;
    unsigned int m_buttonPadding;

    sf::RectangleShape m_rects[3];
    sf::Text m_labels[3];

The unique method to this class is the MouseClick. Since we're dealing with a menu here, predictably enough it will be used to process mouse input. For private data members, we have a text variable for the title, size, position and padding ...

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