Handling collisions

Making entities bump into each other, as well as into all the lush environments we'll be building is a mechanic, without which most games out there would not be able to function. In order for that to be possible, these animated images zooming around the screen must have a component, which represents their solidity. Bounding boxes worked really well for us in the past, so let's stick to them and begin constructing the collidable body component:

enum class Origin{ Top_Left, Abs_Centre, Mid_Bottom };

class C_Collidable : public C_Base{
    sf::FloatRect m_AABB;
    sf::Vector2f m_offset;
    Origin m_origin;

    bool m_collidingOnX;
    bool m_collidingOnY;

Every collidable entity must have a bounding box that represents the ...

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