Implementing the sound system

With both sound emitter and sound listener components out of the way, we have a green light to begin implementing the sound system that is going to bring all of this code to life. Let's get it started!

class S_Sound : public S_Base{ public: S_Sound(SystemManager* l_systemMgr); ~S_Sound(); void Update(float l_dT); void HandleEvent(const EntityId& l_entity, const EntityEvent& l_event); void Notify(const Message& l_message); void SetUp(AudioManager* l_audioManager, SoundManager* l_soundManager); private: sf::Vector3f MakeSoundPosition(const sf::Vector2f& l_entityPos, unsigned int l_elevation); void EmitSound(const EntityId& l_entity, const EntitySound& l_sound, bool l_useId, bool l_relative, int l_checkFrame = -1); AudioManager* ...

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