Chapter 13

To App or Not To App?

Scott Seaborn

From smartphones to tablets to surface computers, here we give the lowdown on broad technology trends in the mobile marketing sector. Current technological advances are allowing mobile devices not only to talk to users, but to other machines too. Hyper-connected apps will create new opportunities for brands.

Technological advances are having implications for brands and marketers. There are five major technology-driven trends currently and the mobile device is at the centre of them.

1. Hyper-connected devices

Devices and other digital objects are becoming hyper-connected. Within a given radius from one another, devices are connecting and communicating at increasing speeds. Connected media devices are constantly emerging and they represent a wider spread of apparatus than the mobile telephone and tablet computer: internet fridges, interactive billboards, televisions, surface computers, vending machines, personal media devices, cars and even buildings are already talking to us via mobile phones and the internet. In the not-too-distant future they will be talking to each other as well, and talking fast. Hardware will be hyper-connected.

This area of mobile is developing fast. Seven major mobile operators from around the world recently agreed to work together to develop an international “machine-to-machine” platform that would help devices talk to each other.112

Implications for brand strategy

Creating useful device connections can help ...

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