Chapter 21

Social in Corporate Communications

Rachel Miller

For today's corporate communication professional, it's now assumed that you have a solid understanding of social media. What if that's not the case? Here are case studies, research tools and resources to help you make appropriate decisions.

Are you being asked to advise your company on the correct social media strategy to fit with your culture? What if you've never even used Twitter, let alone know how Pinterest works, but are expected to know what's right for your business?

Internal communication is as important as external communication. Social media use is as crucial a conversation as explaining the profession of corporate communication or role of employee engagement. There will always be a requirement for organizations to engage with online communities, albeit the tools may change over time. You need to be able to demonstrate gravitas in this area, and fast.

Digital versus social

Even the term social media creates complications in some companies, which choose “digital”, “social” or something entirely different. I think its use for corporate communication will become ingrained to the point where the focus is the communication, content and conversations rather than the name.

Management consultant Peter F. Drucker said the best way to predict the future is to create it. That's never been truer for corporate communication, particularly regarding social media. If you believe collaborative communication is right for your ...

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