Chapter 10. Content Management and Workflow Scenario

In this chapter, we'll pull together several topics from this book by building a content management solution using MOSS's core web content management framework. We'll also include a front-end process for managing Word documents that feed into the web site. This will show how different aspects of the MOSS platform can be used together to build a solution that extends from the desktop through to the web farm. The following topics will be covered in this scenario:

  • Creating content types and document workflows

  • Defining the structure of documents for enterprise content management

  • Building document metadata input functions into SharePoint documents

  • Creating a feature to deploy the solution to a SharePoint site or farm

  • Developing document conversion processes for web content management

  • Using workflow to extend content management and publishing processes

Our project will streamline the process for creating and publishing press releases at Contoso Enterprises. Press releases are important documents and are used in differently depending on the medium. In our scenario, they'll be published internally to Contoso Enterprises on the PR department's MOSS site, but they'll also be published externally on their web site.

Document Workflow for the Press Release

We'll work on the internal part of the press release process first. This process contains the template for the press release document, the MOSS content type for press releases for standardization, ...

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