Chapter 3. Giving Your Teams Access to the SharePoint Site

In This Chapter

  • Adding team members to your SharePoint site

  • Understanding SharePoint groups and permissions

  • Assigning team members to various SharePoint groups

  • Modifying group settings and user information for your team members

When you have your SharePoint site organized the way you want (see Chapter 2) and you've added the content your teams initially need in order to start collaborating on a project (see Chapters 4 and 5), you're ready to grant the team members access to your site. This chapter covers the basic process for giving your team members access to the SharePoint site. You do this by enrolling your team members into groups that grant them the permissions for accessing their information and, in certain situations, editing their contents as well.

Adding Team Members as Authenticated SharePoint Site Users

The hallmark of SharePoint 2007 is its ability to give you the highest online security for the information you publish there. To maintain this security, it's your responsibility to grant access to each of the individual team members you want as part of your SharePoint site for the purposes of information sharing and collaboration.

Granting access to a team member is typically a twofold process. First, you or a member of your company's IT department (as a site administrator) designates the team member as an authenticated user of the SharePoint site by assigning him an initial username and password. Next, you log on to the ...

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