Chapter 6. Using Meeting Workspaces to Plan and Manage Team Meetings

In This Chapter

  • Understanding how meeting workspaces can help you plan and organize team meetings

  • Creating a meeting workspace for a team meeting from scratch

  • Creating a meeting workspace from a calendar item in your SharePoint site

  • Creating a meeting workspace from an Outlook 2003 or 2007 meeting request

  • Adding a button to your meeting workspace that launches a Yugma Web conference

You can use meeting workspaces in SharePoint 2007 to plan and manage the physical meetings and real events that take place at various times during the period of your team collaboration. Note, however, that meeting workspaces don't actually provide a place from which to launch Web conferencing applications such as Microsoft's Live Meeting, Citrix's GoToMeeting, or Yugma's Instant Web Conferencing software — the kind of applications that enable you to conduct virtual meetings over the Internet.

In this chapter, you find out what you can do with SharePoint meeting workspaces along with the various types of meeting workspaces that SharePoint supports. You also discover the different ways you can go about setting up meeting workspaces, including creating a meeting workspace from an event you place on a SharePoint calendar or from a meeting request in Outlook 2003 or 2007.

Finally, I show you how to use SharePoint's multipurpose Content Editor Web Part to add an HTML snippet to display a button on a meeting workspace page that you and your team members ...

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