Chapter 7. Getting Team Feedback via Surveys and Discussion Boards

In This Chapter

  • Understanding how SharePoint surveys work and what you can do with them

  • Creating a new survey to poll your teams and get their opinions

  • Using threaded discussions to garner ideas and get feedback from your teams

  • Creating new discussion boards on your SharePoint site

  • Connecting discussion boards to Outlook

SharePoint 2007 makes it easy to get feedback from your team members during the course of the SharePoint collaboration. To this end, SharePoint supports two special types of lists:

  • Surveys that team members can take to record their opinions on topics of interest to the team and/or some aspect of the collaborative project in the form of an online questionnaire

  • Discussion boards where team members can share their ideas and opinions on these kinds of topics following the format of a newsgroup-style threaded discussion

In this chapter, you find out how to create and use SharePoint surveys to poll your teams and record their responses to various questions. The SharePoint surveys you put together can be straightforward questionnaires that simply record a team member's responses to a series of simple questions or they can be somewhat more complex, branching out to include different series of questions based on the particular responses given to key questions.

In this chapter, you also find out how to use SharePoint discussion boards to provide forums for your team members so that they can easily share their views ...

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